Tutorial: Metasource-Based Physical-Layer Security for Future Wireless Networks

Metasource-Based Physical-Layer Security for Future Wireless Networks
Full day (3 hours)
Yuli Yang
University of Essex
Email: yuli.yang@essex.ac.uk


Yuli Yang received the Ph.D. degree in communications and information systems from Peking University (China).
She is a Senior Lecturer in Communications and Networks, with the University of Essex (UK). Prior to joining the University of Essex, she was with the University of Lincoln (UK), the University of Chester (UK), Meliksah University (Turkey), and King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (Saudi Arabia) on various academic positions. Her industry experience includes working with Bell Labs Shanghai (China) as a Research Scientist and with Huawei Technologies (China) as an Intern Researcher
Her research interests include modelling, design, analysis, and optimisation of wireless systems and networks, specifically in physical-layer security, permutation-based modulation/transmission, and ultra-reliable low-latency communications.


The physical-layer security (PLS) is a promising concept to complement the cryptographic technologies at upper layers in wireless networks. Various channel-based approaches, e.g., secret-key extraction, directional modulation, and artificial-noise injection, have been conceived to exploit wireless channel characteristics in providing PLS.
Recently, legitimate channel-gain-mapped sources have been developed to constitute a novel technology of the physical-layer secret key generation, referred to as metasourcebased secret key (MBSK). In contrast to the channel-based approaches, the MBSK technology not only promotes the actual realisation of the PLS concept but also induces green communications for future wireless networks.
This tutorial introduces the MBSK technology through discussing its design principles, the latest advantages, the challenges, and the road ahead in the research. Our hope is to facilitate researchers who might have interests in the PLS concept would like to kick-start their understanding of recently developed techniques in the MBSK realm.


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