The fees below are displayed in USD or CNY, you can choose whether to pay in USD or CNY according to your situation.会议可接受人民币或美金付款。

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   Aug. 15, 2019



   Author (Student or Committees)    500 USD/3400元    550 USD/3700元
   Author (IEEE Member)    500 USD/3400元    550 USD/3700元
   Regular Author    530 USD/3600元    580 USD/4000元
   Oral Presentation Only    400 USD/2700元    400 USD/2700元
   Listeners    300 USD/2000元    300 USD/2000元
   Additional Papers    350 USD/2400元    350 USD/2400元
   Additional Page    70 USD / One Page/450元/页    70 USD / One Page/450元/页
   Extra Proceedings    80 USD / One Proceedings/550元/本    80 USD / One Proceedings/550元/本
  One Day Tour (Optional)    60 USD / 400元    60 USD / 400元



Credit Card (Master&Visa ONLY)
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Registration fee for author include 作者注册费包含以下内容:

1. Publication Fee; 2. Coffee, Tea, Refreshments, Lunch and Dinner; 3. 15 Minutes Presentation Time; 4. Conference materials (Conference Proceedings, Conference Program, Certificate, etc.) 1. 出版费; 2. 12月7-8日会议用餐以及茶歇,以及为9日作报告的作者提供午餐以及晚餐;3. 15分钟左右的报告时间;4. 会议资料(会议论文集,会议日程,参会证书等)

Registration fee for presenter include 报告人注册费包含以下内容:

1. Coffee, Tea, Refreshments, Lunch and Dinner; 2. 15 Minutes Presentation Time; 3. Conference materials (Conference Proceedings, Conference Program, Certificate, etc.)1. 12月7-8日会议用餐以及茶歇,以及为9日作报告的作者提供午餐以及晚餐;3. 15分钟左右的报告时间;4. 会议资料(电子版会议论文集,会议日程,参会证书等)

Registration fee for listener include 听众以及陪同人员的注册费包含以下内容:Listener's Registration Form

1. Coffee, Tea, Refreshments, Lunch and Dinner; 2. Conference materials (Conference Proceedings, Conference Program, Certificate, etc.) 1. 12月7-9日的会议用餐以及茶歇;3. 会议资料(电子版会议论文集,会议日程,参会证书等)

Note 注意事项: 

1. Each paid registration covers only one paper; you can pay Additional Paper Fee (350 USD/2400元) for one more paper from the same first author who already has a paid registration. 每一个作者注册费只包含1篇文章。如果是相同第一作者注册的第二篇文章可以享受第二篇文章的注册优惠 2400元/篇。

The paper is limited within 5 pages. Additional page will be charged 70 USD per page. 超过5页的文章将收取超页费 70美金或是450人民币/页。

2. One regular registration with one or more additional papers get only one proceedings. 同一个作者的2篇及其以上的注册只包含1本会议论文集。 

3. At least one author for each accepted final paper must pre-register. 1篇文章需要至少注册1个作者

4. Other co-authors or accompanying person can register as the listener. 1篇文章的其余作者或是陪同人员可注册为听众。

5. One Day Tour is optional for all participants (on payment basis). (一日游费用额外缴纳 。)

6. Only the first author is student could enjoy student registration fee. (只有第一作者是学生才 可以享受学生价。)

7. Please take care of your safety and all personal belongings, and wear your name tags during the whole conference. No responsibility or liability is accepted by conference organizer in respect of any loss or damage.(会议期间,请参会作者注意保管个人贵重物品,会务组对参会作者物品遗失不承担任何责任。)


Refund 会议退款: 

The paid registration fee cannot be refunded if you cannot attend the conference, but substitute participants are welcome. 1篇文章需要至少1个作者参会做报告,如作者因故不能参会,注册费不予以退还,但是可以更换做报告的人员。


Accommodation 会议住宿: 

Accommodation is not included in registration fee, the delegates need reserve rooms themselves,we advise you reserve rooms as early as you can. Except the conference hotel, you are free to reserve rooms nearby. 会议注册费不包含会议住宿,会务组建议作者尽早预定。参会人员可预定会议酒店或是周边的酒店。